We design Secure Business Management Systems

We work with businesses that want to improve their cyber security, whilst also improving their business processes and systems. The systems we develop are secure and cost effective, because of the patent pending technology that we have developed, which allows us to deliver extreme cyber security at an affordable price.

Our business solutions are secure by default

They also increase productivity and profitability for customers, within a cost-efficient compliance framework, and deliver cyber security assurance for their customers, auditors, regulators and interested parties.

Your business may want to benefit from secure home and hybrid working, where authorised users work from anywhere that is acceptable to the business, with secure customer portals to connect customers with your people, and secure business records to support your processes and policies.

Our patent pending technology uses end-to-end encryption to protect your business data, and distributes the encrypted data across multiple clouds, with access and updates controlled by consensus, so cloud service providers cannot possibly access or decrypt your data.

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We offer your business more choices

We work with a network of trusted service providers, software developers, and other specialists who collectively support our solutions, which use cloud hosting and commodity hardware from big technology companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Our core technology uses energy-efficient encrypted blockchains with quantum safe end‑to‑end encryption and optional security hardened devices to assure the provenance and security of your business records, so you can focus on managing and developing your business.

Your business can adopt our standard solutions, customise them to address any special requirements, or have completely bespoke solutions developed based on our core technology, supported by our trusted service providers, software developers and other trusted suppliers. We are committed to reducing the cost of extreme cyber security for our customers, increasing choice for our customers, and sharing profits fairly and equitably with our suppliers.

You can buy on our website or direct from our service providers, who offer expert solution consultancy, configuration and customisation of our solutions, plus first and second level support. You also have direct access to our team of cyber security systems experts, who have been designing, developing and supporting data protection technology and solutions for over 20 years.

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