Our mission is to design and promote secure business management systems

We specialise in creating cost-effective solutions that allow our customers to demonstrate cyber security assurance to their customers, stakeholders and regulators.

Our founder has run businesses for over 25 years, specialising in data protection services using  end-to-end encryption for 20 years, run major research and development projects in conjunction with the cyber security centres at leading UK universities with sponsorship from UK government, and is now focussing on the challenge of delivering cost-effective cyber security solutions.

Our business is not just about creating technology, but also about creating a global ecosystem of partners and specialist suppliers who can deliver cost-effective cyber security solutions. Our research demonstrates that it is possible to deliver effective cyber security solutions that support extreme cyber security assurance for customers, stakeholders and regulators.

We have demonstrated that extreme cyber security can be delivered at an affordable price, and have designed a business ecosystem to support this objective, which reduces the cost to our customers, whilst rewarding our partners and specialist suppliers fairly and equitably. We are documenting the system specifications, and creating reference implementations for every component in the solution, and are also focussing on increasing the choice for customers by encouraging specialist suppliers to create alternative implementations of each component. We have also created a partner training programme, which develops knowledge and expertise about our solutions, and about how to develop, configure, customise and operate them.

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