Our Founder – Julian Dean

Julian is a quiet family man that lives with his wife and daughters in Poole on the south coast of England, who aspires to change the world by empowering all small and medium business owners to collaborate securely across supply chains for mutual benefit, using affordable business management solutions that are easy to use, without being dependent on any one big technology vendor.

Julian has run technology businesses for 25 years, specialising in developing data protection software for cloud service providers and business customers using end-to-end encryption and distributed ledgers for the last 20 years. He has also run major cyber security research and development projects in conjunction with the cyber security centres at leading UK universities for 10 years, and is now focussing on delivering cost-effective business management solutions, which allow business owners to benefit from advanced cyber security assurance that all interested parties can trust and rely upon.

His research and development work demonstrates how small and medium businesses can use secure collaboration to increase market share and profitability for their core business activities, and shows how they can collaborate to create global networks businesses that support secure collaboration for other businesses. His vision is creating a global network of trusted partners and suppliers for our customers, in a win‑win proposition that reduces costs for our customers and creates opportunities for our trusted service providers and suppliers, while increasing customer choice with bespoke and industry specific systems.

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