Do you want revenue growth, customer satisfaction, talent retention, cost savings, process enhancement, scalability and compliance?

Digital transformation uses new computer systems to enhance the business. This often involves significant changes to established business processes and systems. It can be challenging, and is rarely undertaken lightly, but tends to deliver disproportionate long-term benefits for the business, once the dust has settled.

One of the ways to reduce the pain and increase the gain is to adopt a secure business management system, which is Secure by Default and supports standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and GAMP5. Business management and security management are distinct, but share a lot of common characteristics, which are highly beneficial for your Digital Transformation objectives.

One of the core requirements is creating a system of record, which is used and trusted throughout the business to underpin all operational and compliance requirements. By definition a system of record needs to be easy to use, reliable, and universally available, with guaranteed integrity and assurance of confidentiality, otherwise it is pretty much pointless.

We also recommend that business records are maintained in a way that is legally admissible in court, as proof beyond all reasonable doubt of the documented activity. This might seem excessive, when the system is unlikely to be used in that manner, but it has so many benefits for every aspect of business that it is critical for any Digital Transformation.

As we adopt hybrid working practices, it is becoming more difficult to rely upon traditional business management practices, which depend on our physical presence in the workplace, such as casually monitoring attendance and activity for signs of complacency or disillusionment, and it even becomes difficult to know who is accessing business information and actually performing business tasks.

Zoom meetings and telephone calls certainly have a role to play in this new world, but we are already uncomfortably familiar with their limitations and their potential to drain our emotional energy without achieving constructive business benefits. We are also familiar with the negative impact on customer service, when clients cannot readily contact staff, who cannot reliably contact other staff whose input they rely upon.

In such circumstances, the “system” becomes even more critical to business success, because it is not only the most reliable source of business information, but also the only source of visibility into performance of business activities. However, it is also a potential source of misinformation, which could be manipulated for malicious purposes, so cyber security is becoming increasingly important.

The detailed requirements will inevitably vary across businesses, and each business will need to customise or configure the functionality, but businesses will achieve significant cost savings and security benefits by building upon a solution that is already Secure by Default.

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