The percentage of UK businesses affected by cyber-attacks in 2021 was huge:

  • 20% of micro businesses
  • 33% of small businesses
  • 62% of medium businesses

The cyber-security challenge is serious and getting worse:

  • 27% of the affected businesses experience cyber-attacks at least once a week (NCSC)
  • 62% increase in the number of Ransomware attacks in the last year (FBI)
  • 130 different ransomware software families found in 2021 (Virustotal)

Businesses are increasingly vulnerable to Ransomware and other cyber-attacks, and need affordable solutions that are easy to use, because they may not have a whole team of cyber security experts. Home working has increased dramatically as a result of Covid-19, and more people than ever are using home computers and devices for business purposes, often without adequate security controls. Supplier audits are also increasing pressure on businesses to improve cyber security or risk losing sales revenue, as large enterprises respond to supply chain cyber-attacks with new demands on suppliers.

There are lots of point-solutions, which address specific aspects of the cyber security challenge, but they inevitably leave security vulnerabilities in the gaps between products, and frequently ignore potential security vulnerabilities in the working practices of users across the business, regardless of how much you spend on security products and expensive consultants.

There is growing need for holistic cyber security solutions, which focus on delivering the information that supports the business effectively and efficiently, within a product that is Secure by Default. These solutions need to focus on cost-effectiveness and user acceptance, because they will not be adopted unless they are affordable and acceptable to business customers.

These solutions need to exploit products and services from the big technology companies when they are cost-effective, and also recognise that they may not be cost-effective in all circumstances. However, smaller suppliers may provide better value and better security, particularly where they offer independently validated implementations of the core solution components.

These solutions really need to consider the extreme cyber security assumptions, in order to create the greatest possible barriers to successful cyber-attacks at the lowest cost, and need to consider whether required changes to the user experience are justified by the enhanced security and productivity.

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