We are passionate about delivering extreme cyber security for business customers, and we have proven that it can be delivered at an affordable price, so our core focus is on making the user experience acceptable for as many customers as possible.

Implementing a new business management system within your business can be a daunting prospect, and not every business owner or principal officer will be open to the challenge, so we typically start the customer journey with a series of very short remote meetings with potential customers.

In preparation for these meetings we invite you to explore the content and documents available on our website, which are intended to offer transparent insight into our solutions and the ecosystem of partners and suppliers that support it.

We are not a consultancy firm (although many of our trusted supplier are) so our focus is on enabling you to rapidly decide whether our solutions are appropriate for your business.

Once we have established that your business would benefit from our solutions, we typically review the business in more detail to confirm estimated costs for implementation and on-going operations.

During this process, we also discuss business priorities and constraints openly and transparently with the owners and managers of the business, which typically eliminates some of the more expensive options from consideration, and focusses management attention on good security practices, and the critical question of the extent to which best practice is acceptable within the specific business.

The process also highlights perceived requirements to configure or customise the solution, and addresses the cost and security implications, allowing business owners to make informed decisions.

It is possible for us to develop bespoke user interfaces for a business customer, and sometimes this is desirable, but most customers tend to start with the standard user interface, so they can gain some practical experience configuring and integrating the solution into their business, before specifying  any custom user interfaces and technical enhancements.

One of the surprises for new customers as they start to explore the extreme cyber security process is the number of opportunities that arise as a result of implementing secure business systems and processes, and the extent to which it becomes possible to enhance services to their customers.

Our service providers typically take the lead in this process, as new customers start out on this journey, but our suppliers and the core team are also available to support them, where appropriate.

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