Law firms and legal departments are being specifically targeted for Ransomware and other cyber attacks

This is inevitable given the nature of the information they handle, particularly when established practice management systems may not include adequate cyber security measures to protect the business. Client files not only need to be stored securely in accordance with retention and access policies, but also need to be managed in a manner that minimises the risk posed by sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Specialist software vendors are often very good at supporting the specialised business processes required within law firms, but often underestimate the challenge posed by cyber threats, or simply assume that the client will address those threats within their internal IT management practice. The challenge is that cyber security requires a holistic approach, which considers every aspect of the business operation, including user devices, network services, cloud services and business processes, which are generally considered to be outside of scope for the software vendor. We address these challenges by distributing encrypted business data across multiple cloud service providers for resilience, using blockchains for provenance, and end-to-end encryption with enhanced business processes for confidentiality.

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