We work with customers across a broad range of sectors

Some customers want to implement their own bespoke solutions, while others will want a trusted service provider to customise solutions for them. However, all customers want to know that the solution will deliver the security and business functionality that they desire, and that it will continue to be affordable and acceptable to the business. We are currently growing our ecosystem of trusted service providers and specialist suppliers, who support us in achieving this objective for our customers, which offers enormous breadth and depth of expertise for our customers. We believe this enhances cyber security for our customers, because security by design is supported by transparent collaboration between independent specialists.

One of the benefits of creating this ecosystem of trusted service providers and specialist suppliers is the ability to create customised solutions that are specifically designed for different business sectors, which can be developed and enhanced in response to feedback from customers in those sectors. We recognise that many customers want to contract with a single entity that is responsible for all aspects of their solution, which is why we offer the choice of buying direct from our trusted service providers or our website, which will allocate a trusted service provider as the primary point of contact.

We are committed to ensuring that all customers, trusted service providers and specialist suppliers are treated fairly and equitably, because the strength of our solution is not just about the technology, but about the whole ecosystem that delivers critical services that support the cyber security of our customers. Our pricing policy is designed to support the ecosystem fairly and equitably, and we plan to gradually reduce our subscription prices over time. We also plan to offer loyalty discounts to established customers , which effectively backdate any price reductions to when customers first joined our community.

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