Professional services businesses are being targeted by Ransomware and other cyber-attacks

The number and severity of those attacks is likely to increase significantly as international crime syndicates pivot their business models to extend the scope of Ransomware as a Service. Businesses that previously considered themselves too small to be targeted are being attacked, which has potential to permanently change the business landscape as clients become aware of the risks. Clients are likely to become more selective about their service suppliers, with businesses that demonstrate and advertise their commitment to cyber security being rewarded with more contracts and potentially higher charging rates.

Our cost-effective approach to delivering secure business management systems is often attractive to such businesses, where the new system can be customised to the specific needs of the business. Distributing encrypted business data across multiple cloud service providers has little impact on cost, but huge impact on vulnerability to cyber-attacks, which become exponentially more expensive.

The core business management process needs to include data access control, in order to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks without any material impact on normal business operations. Technical controls on user devices can then be adopted in response to the residual risk. The overall effect is to create secure business management systems, which can be made extremely secure without incurring unnecessary costs.

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