We invite applications from  cyber security professionals

There are opportunities to provide cyber security consultancy to our customers and service providers, for those with relevant expertise and capabilities, in addition to offering our services to your clients. Getting trustworthy cyber security advice is really critical for our customers and service providers, because our secure business management systems support every aspect of the business in order to increase productivity and profitability, while minimising the security risks and threats to the business.

One of the critical decisions for every business customer is the balance between user acceptance, financial objectives and cyber security, because the right balance is highly specific to the business, and can be difficult to determine without a broad range of business and security experience. Secure business management systems have potential to transform core business operations, creating new opportunities to drive revenue and profitability, by enhancing customer experiences and streamlining internal business processes.

They also have potential to fundamentally change the competitive landscape for our customers, by allowing customers to differentiate through both security and transparent supply chain traceability. Many cyber security advisors specialise in the compliance and digital transformation opportunities, and work closely with business owners and principals to achieve complex business objectives. Some cyber security professionals specialise in the technical aspects of least privilege access controls and end-point security, including MFA policies and configuration, and security hardening of commodity devices with QubesOS and other security focussed operating systems.

Other cyber security professionals specialise in the more exotic requirements for security hardened devices, workstations and workspaces, which provide cost-effective security assurance that is not easily achievable through other means. Cyber security advisors receive service fees in accordance with our published rate card, subject to standard reseller commission fees, and are actively promoted to our customers and service providers, who benefit from their proven experience with our secure business management systems, supported by peer reviews by other professionals.

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