We invite applications from people who would like to become trusted service providers and suppliers

We recommend becoming a customer to gain personal experience of using our technology, and the thought process that people go through when considering adoption of our secure business management systems, which will be invaluable as you develop your own business. Customers adopt our technology for a wide variety of reasons, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to learning about the technology and solutions, but knowing how you use it and how it works within your business is a pretty good place to start.

Some of our trusted service providers come from technical support backgrounds that allow them to focus on the technical aspects of our solutions, while others come from governance and compliance backgrounds and tend to focus more on process, and some come from cyber security backgrounds, but all need to consider the business drivers and opportunities for their specific customers. One of the advantages of working within an ecosystem of trusted service providers and suppliers is that you don’t need to be an expert in everything, because there will always be others who are more than happy to help you address specific challenges for your customers.

Some of our trusted service providers come from cyber security consultancy backgrounds that allow them to focus on the broader cyber security aspects of our solutions, whilst others come from software development or manufacturing backgrounds and focus on specific aspects of the supply chain. The only thing that we insist upon is that our trusted service providers and suppliers are open and honest with customers about their skills, abilities and experience, so we expect them to document and justify any claims that they make, allowing them to be reviewed and challenged by our subject matter experts, who provide independent assurance assessments for our customers.

When considering your skills and abilities and experience, please don’t be shy, because you need to give yourself credit for what makes you who you are. If you tend to be quiet, then ask friends and colleagues to make suggestions, because they may see things that your customers will really value. We provide an extensive training for our partners, which includes direct access to our trusted suppliers and core team members, so you don’t need to know everything on day one, and you can always learn more about the technology and our solutions, and as you gain experience is specific applications you will be invited to share that experience with other partners.

If you would like to become a trusted service provider, then please contact our reseller team at resellers@sealstone.co.uk

If you would like to become a specialist supplier, then please contact our supply team at suppliers@sealstone.co.uk

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