We invite applications from people who would like to build security hardened devices

Security hardened devices are assembled within security hardened facilities, which are typically created within standard shipping containers, and devices are built in accordance with a documented process, which requires the components to be inspected and assembled and tested by a trusted manufacturer, with quality control data and build process surveillance stored in the blockchain, which is subject to review by independent specialist suppliers, who report to the customer.

The assembly process itself is relatively straightforward, and is comprised of plugging electronic components into custom designed motherboards, and sealing the motherboards within custom designed tamper‑resistant enclosures, then testing them to prove that they work and can be uniquely identified using a cryptographic public key that is registered in the blockchain.

The purpose of the security hardened facility is to provide a secure environment for the trusted manufacturer to work, which is only accessed by trusted manufacturer, subject to remote access controls and surveillance that provides assurance evidence that can be independently audited. From the customer’s perspective, this means that it is very unlikely that the security of the facility could be compromised by attackers who might want to compromise the security hardened devices, and very unlikely that the trusted manufacturer could compromise the device without it being obvious to any auditors that are independently commissioned on behalf of the customer.

You will need to provide evidence of good standing in your community, including references, and independent security accreditations, and be competent to assemble devices and install software in accordance with published standards, and confident in your ability to build, test and ship devices in accordance with documented instructions, with enough space within residential or commercial premises for a security hardened facility, and sufficient finances to cover the costs of installing one.

No system is perfect, but we believe that this system is as close as it gets, and is made even more secure by the fact that customers can choose from a selection of trusted manufacturers, who operate independently as distinct privately owned businesses, who succeed by being trustworthy. Trusted device Manufacturers can also assemble security hardened workstations, and can optionally provide remote surveillance and access control services to other trusted builders, suppliers, partners and customers, subject to enhanced quality and security assurance.

If you would like to consider becoming a trusted device builder, then please contact our supply team at suppliers@sealstone.co.uk

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