We are slowly growing our ecosystem of trusted service providers and suppliers

Some customers want to implement their own dedicated solution, while others want a trusted service provider to manage it for them, but all of our customers want to know that the solution will deliver the desired business objectives, and that it will continue to be affordable and acceptable.

Our trusted service providers offer the first point of contact for our customers, combining expert knowledge of our solutions with sector specific expertise and customer focus. Customers are free to work with any trusted service provider they choose, so each trusted service provider needs to maintain the relationship and ensure that their customers are satisfied with the service they provide.

Trusted service providers are expected to demonstrate and maintain their knowledge of the solution, ensure their customers are satisfied with the solution, and engage with us to ensure that the solution is continually improving from a customer perspective. Trusted suppliers typically perform more specialised roles within the ecosystem, such as: documenting, reviewing and advising on the system design; developing, documenting, testing and reviewing alternate implementations of the core system components; and penetration testing, security assessments and advanced configuration or customisation advice for customer implementations.

We are committed to ensuring that all customers, trusted service providers and suppliers are treated fairly and equitably, because the strength of our solution is not just about the technology, but also about the whole ecosystem that delivers critical cyber-security services to support our customers.

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