We invite applications from businesses who can build modular security hardened workspaces

You will need to have modular manufacturing experience using concrete, steel and glass, and be open to adopting our manufacturing process, which includes fitting out facilities with security hardened devices, remote surveillance and access control. This is a specialist manufacturing task, which draws upon modular construction practices, and typically starts with a standard shipping container as the basic unit of construction, which is filled with an outer enclosure made of concrete.

The outer enclosure and partition walls are constructed from concrete, with optional inner enclosure that is also constructed from concrete and suspended from anti-vibration mountings within the outer enclosure, and security doors in the enclosures and partition walls, and optional security windows in the outer enclosure. Quality and security assurance are critical, so you will need manufacturing premises that can be protected from intrusion, and you will need to be willing to install remote surveillance and access control connected to the blockchain, so that your premises and manufacturing processes can be reviewed and audited by independent specialist suppliers on behalf of our customers.

There are some variations on the basic construction process for security hardened facilities, which use reinforced concrete or steel-concrete-steel composite (SCS) construction, and also opportunities for on-site manufacturing, either manually or using 3D printing techniques, so please contact us to discuss specialist manufacturing options that you think might support our customers.

If you would like to consider becoming a trusted manufacturer, then please contact our supply team at suppliers@sealstone.co.uk

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