We specialise in developing customised solutions

This allows us to support bespoke customer requirements, without the expense of developing a complete bespoke solution from scratch. Our Encrypted Blockchain technology provides the core functionality for secure management of business data, which can be supplemented with bespoke user interfaces to deliver the bespoke user experience required by the customer, and optionally by bespoke back-end processing.

Customised solutions typically create a bespoke user interface, which accesses business records that are stored within an encrypted blockchain that is distributed across several dedicated cloud servers. Bespoke user interfaces can be delivered using standard browsers or installed applications, depending on the specific business requirements, but always enforce end-to-end encryption.

Customised solutions optionally create bespoke back-end processing, which automatically responds to changes in the business records with relevant processing that updates other business records. Bespoke back-end processing can utilise almost any third-party software to offer massive flexibility, within a secure server environment that has strictly controlled access to the encrypted Blockchain. In addition to working with customers to implement internal business management systems, we also work with software and hardware vendors to implement secure products and services.

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