SealStone allows customers and trusted resellers to implement extreme cyber security solutions that are cost‑effective for their stakeholders, regulators and customers.

If you assume that attackers with unlimited skills, capabilities and resources are focussed on you, then you have a problem that may not have a solution that is affordable or acceptable.

However, this assumption allows you to focus on the critical questions of what is affordable and acceptable, so you can eliminate potential solutions that won’t work for your business.

It also helps to design solutions from first principles based on the objective of delivering extreme cyber security that is affordable and acceptable, without unnecessary assumptions of technology.

The design process is driven by cost and user acceptance, combined with knowledge about the effectiveness of various cyber security mitigations and technologies, to find the best solutions.

Hardware and cloud services from the big tech companies are often highly reliable, but can prove more expensive than they at first appear to be, and have potential to lock customers in financially.

Our solutions allow customers to distribute the risk across multiple big tech suppliers, which minimises the risks, whilst allowing them to benefit from the reliability and potential cost benefits.

We also use a network of trusted resellers and suppliers to design, develop, validate, deploy and operate solutions for the benefit of our customers, and share the profits fairly and equitably.

The core technologies that drive our solutions are designed to deliver extreme cyber security for customers using this network of trusted resellers and suppliers, in addition to big tech companies.

The core solution supports end-to-end encrypted business records, which are distributed across multiple cloud service providers, using technology that is designed and documented by suppliers, and independently implemented, validated, and deployed by other suppliers.

However, our solutions can also be configured and customised for specific customers and business sectors, through our trusted resellers and suppliers and core team.

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