Our team has been designing, developing and supporting data protection solutions for over 20 years, working with the cyber security centres of leading UK Universities to deliver advanced research and development projects with sponsorship from UK Government, and specialising in innovative approaches to reducing the cost of cyber security with high assurance for customers.

Our research demonstrates that it is more cost-effective for businesses to implement extreme cyber security solutions that support the whole business with high assurance, rather than using point solutions to try to enhance the security of existing business systems and processes.

The research also demonstrates that extreme cyber security risk mitigation techniques often deliver huge security benefits for minimal investment, creating low cost opportunities to substantially improve cyber security and improve the user experience at the same time.

Our patent pending solutions use energy efficient blockchains with quantum-safe end-to-end encryption and storage distributed across multiple clouds with optional security hardened devices to secure business records in a way that protects against data theft or corruption by Ransomware or other cyber-attacks.

Our solutions allow business owners and senior management to take control over their cyber security by defining data security policies that are enforced automatically, while delegating responsibility for maintaining data integrity and confidentiality to relevant users.

We recommend using hardware security tokens for multi-factor authentication of users, and requiring users to touch the security token to authenticate all access requests or groups of requests.

We also recommend creating security policies to restrict data access on a need-to-know basis, with appropriate approvals for infrequent or high volume access requests, because this substantially reduces the impact when user devices are inevitably compromised.

These security measures can be implemented for minimal cost and impact on user productivity, and are almost always justified because they are so cost-effective, whereas security hardening user devices, workstations, and office facilities may only be required for higher assurance.

Our technology and software allows business customers to create multi-cloud environments or utilise environments created by trusted escrow providers, and explicitly addresses issues around trust by supporting end-to-end encryption of all business records, and supporting delegation of roles and responsibilities across organisations, including the provision of a variety of data escrow services.



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