We provide specialist training services for clients and trusted manufacturers

Clients may require cost-effective security hardened systems and business processes that deliver the required business benefits, whilst manufacturers may be more concerned about the development process. Our training typically focusses on the human factors that affect cyber security, specifically addressing management questions about controlling access to information though business defined policies, and the reasons why users might support or oppose such initiatives.

The training also includes a non-technical explanation of the encrypted blockchain technology, which allows management and users to understand the key features that makes this technology secure, allowing them to understand and appreciate the relationships between the business requirements for security and the technical features that implement those requirements.

We can also provide additional detail for more technical audiences, who want to understand the current and future threat landscape, including probably and worst-case scenarios for successful cyber-attacks, potential mitigations, detection and recovery strategies. We also offer technical training for audiences that want develop secure solutions based on our encrypted blockchain technology and the wider security principles that we typically apply.

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