The importance of taking a holistic approach

A cyber security solution needs to addresses the operational requirements of the whole business, and maintains clear separation of roles and responsibilities, which is enforced with technical controls.

We believe end-to-end encryption is a minimum requirement for protecting our customers from cyber-attacks, but that it is not sufficient, and needs to be supported by a range of security controls, implemented partly by technology and partly by business processes and user engagement. Our technology supports multi-cloud implementation, which distributes the encrypted business records across multiple cloud service providers, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Our customers can specify a panel of trustees to manage the accounts with cloud service providers. Large cloud service providers don’t suffer from service failures very often, but Ransomware attacks almost always start by trying to compromise account holder credentials in order to destroy all backup copies of the business records, before starting the main attack on production systems.

Recently, we have seen large scale attacks against the information supply chain, such as Microsoft Exchange server software or Kaseya remote management software, and these are very worrying because the bigger the technology company is, the more attractive it is to attackers, and the more businesses that will be adversely affected by successful attacks. This is why we created a network of partners and specialist suppliers to address specific challenges within the information supply chain, who benefit directly from participating in the overall solution, allowing our customers to choose from a selection of implementations for each solution component.

We have also created a global Blockchain that allows our suppliers to register their contributions, including reviews and assessments of the contribution of other suppliers, so that the information is available transparently to our customers, in order to inform their component selection decisions. We feel very strongly that this transparency needs to be achieved without compromising energy efficiency, which is why we have developed an energy-efficient Blockchain to support this process, which allows customers to prove the provenance of business records beyond all reasonable doubt.

We are also very aware of recent developments in quantum computing, which have potential to compromise the security of almost every system connected to the internet, so we have decided to supplement our security using quantum-safe encryption systems, which are favoured candidates for the next generation NIST quantum-safe encryption standard. Finally, we are aware of the security risks posed by end user devices, such as home computers, and have implemented extensive capabilities to minimise damage caused by compromised devices, using need-to-know policies and controls in the cloud, supported by hardware security tokens for users.

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